Because true financial planning should change more than just your investment mix,
it should change your life.

Welcome to True Life Financial Planning, a different type of fee-only firm that was founded to augment the traditional "math and money" financial planning approach, in order to help clients live a life that is richly and authentically theirs - their True Life.

Tony Pampel | Financial Advisor for True Life Financial Planning in Dallas, TX

Tony Pampel

Hi, I'm Tony. After a decade in the financial services industry, I decided that there had to be a better way to help my clients pursue their dreams. I founded True Life Financial Planning because a meaningful life can take a different form for each of us. By helping you uncover your authentic, meaningful self before applying the rigor and intellect of traditional comprehensive financial planning, I can help you live your True Life.

Our Financial Life Planning process is only one of the ways that True Life sets itself apart from other financial services professionals. We are also:

Fee-Only. We do not sell any products in exchange for commissions. You can rely on our advice to be objective and designed to put your benefit above all else.

Flexible. True Life was founded to provide advice to clients regardless of geography. We operate simple-to-use virtual meetings so that our clients can spend time with us from wherever is most convenient.

Inclusive. Our monthly retainer model was designed to allow us to engage with clients who are passionate about their goals, regardless of their net worth, income or investable assets.

Comprehensive. We provide advice across our clients' entire financial landscape, including investments, risk management, retirement, education, cash flow and a host of other topics.

True Life Financial Planning - Helping you live a life that is richly and authentically yours.

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