About True Life Financial Planning

True Life Financial Planning (TLFP) was founded in 2015 to provide clients with a deep level of technical financial planning, built on the foundation of an even deeper understanding of who you are and who you want to be.

TLFP was specifically constructed to stand out from the crowd. We're taking a different approach to financial planning, one that is customized to each client and your dreams. Here's how:

We're a financial life planning firm. Financial life planning marries traditional "math and money" financial planning concepts with deep-thinking exercises to help you uncover what a truly meaningful life might look like for you. It's what we call your True Life. At TLFP, we're not here to tell you what you can't do, just because the planning software says it doesn't work, or because it's outside the box of traditional retirement planning. We're here to help you uncover who you want to be, identify the obstacles between you and your True Life, and then overcome them.

We're Convenient. We're everywhere you are. TLFP was also founded on the idea that today's financial planning clients aren't all looking for a stereotypical advisor complete with coat, tie and gigantic mahogany desk. More than ever, you're looking for an advisor who's flexible and who can work with you on your terms. That's why we conduct the vast majority of our meetings virtually. Our cutting-edge software allows us to work with clients all over the map, at their convenience, with no travel time, all while cutting costs to bring planning to a broader audience.

We're a different kind of fee-only firm. I never earn a commission for selling you a product, so you don't have to worry about the conflicts of interest that can arise in that type of relationship. If I advise you on a course of action, or to purchase a financial product, it's because I truly believe that it's in your best interest, not because I may earn a commission.

Even the fee structure is different from most fee-only firms. Typically, a fee-only firm will charge somewhere between 1.00% and 1.50% of whatever assets you bring them to manage, annually. While we offer asset management services, our true value lies in comprehensive financial planning. We allow you to pay a one-time setup fee, followed by a reasonable monthly retainer. This approach allows us to work with clients who other advisors may not, be it because you just haven't accumulated a large pile of assets yet, or because the majority of your assets are in your business, real estate or some other non-stock market investment. And for those of you who do need asset management services, my maximum fee starts at 0.75%, and is designed to only compensate me for the work I actually do in regards to your investments.

The monthly retainer model also allows me to work with you in a way that one-time, fee-only financial planners typically can't. Traditionally, planners who have charged a single fee for constructing your financial plan have considered their job finished when the financial plan is finished, that is, when they slide that big, black binder across the table to you, complete with the list of tasks that will help you achieve your goals. "Just implement these steps, and you'll achieve your goals," they say, leaving you to find the other professionals who can help with your insurance, investment and other needs. At TLFP, the monthly retainer model is specifically in place to allow me to walk the path with you, sitting on your side of the table as we meet with other industry professionals like attorneys, insurance agents and accountants. I can help make sure that the products and implementation items you put in place truly work toward your plan.

I take pride in the firm's transparency. You'll never have to question what or why you're paying. Our comprehensive financial life planning fees are calculated based on the complexity of your situation.

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